Is a Boston Terrier the breed for you???


Boston Terriers make excellent companions for all types of families and individuals. They have great temperaments and easily adjust to many lifestyles. Bostons tend to get along well with other pets and truly love being around others, both canine and human. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance pet, it doesn’t get any better than the Boston Terrier; their short coats allow for quick grooming sessions.

The shortened snout makes them prone to snoring, snorting and farting. Yes, we said farting. If you prefer to call it “breaking wind” you’d better start looking for a more distinguished breed.

They are a breed that must be allowed to be an indoor dog, they do not like cold weather, and love having their PJ’s on in winter. And, just as they dont like the cold, nor do they like heat. As a brachycephilc (short nosed) breed they are prone to overheating quickly, so much prefer to be inside in the air conditioning on those hot days of our Australian summer.... as I think we all do!


They are well suited to apartment living as they do not require large amounts of exercise, a walk a few times per week will suffice. However, they do require mental stimulation if left alone for a length of time, as they can get bored and take to exploding beds and toys....

This easygoing breed is happy doing just about anything you’re doing. Other than during the hot summer months, this loving pup is the perfect size for toting along to any pet-friendly location. Easy to train and a lover by heart, you can bet this breed will love a day of socializing with humans and canines anytime.

Average lifespan: 11 – 15 years
Average size: 7 - 9 kilos (but can range between approx. 5 - 13kg)
Coat appearance: Short, smooth, fine
Coloration: Brindle, black, seal; all colors should have some white markings
Hypoallergenic: No
Other identifiers: Square and sturdy body structure, tuxedo-like coat

The Boston Terrier at a glance: