ANKC Breeders and Registration Papers

Whats the difference?

When you say, ‘a purebred puppy with papers’, then the ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) pedigree papers is what ‘the papers’ bit is. When people refer to a ‘registered’ breeder, they are
referring to a breeder which is registered with an ANKC member body (such as Dogs NSW, Dogs Victoria etc.). A registered breeder should be able to show a membership card with their name, their prefix, and
a membership number on it that was issued by their state member body (ie. Dogs NSW).

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Some people call themselves a ‘registered breeder’ because they are registered with the council. While many
councils require breeders to be registered with them, it is not any type of endorsement for the welfare of the
animals that are maintained or bred at the facility.


What is a pedigree? A pedigree is essentially a birth certificate for your dog showing a 3 generation family tree, and also proves that your dog is in fact purebred.

The Australian National Kennel Council Ltd (ANKC) is the only internationally recognised registry able to issue certified pedigrees for purebred dogs.

All ANKC breeders must abide the Code of Ethics outlined on the ANKC website. Each state in Australia has an ANKC state office, these offices are known as Dogs NSW, Dogs QLD, Dogs VIC, Dogs SA, Dogs West (WA), Dogs TAS and Dogs NT.


The ANKC issues 2 types of registration (as pictured at top), and each
puppy bought from and ANKC breeders will come with its own pedigree.


These ANKC Certified pedigrees are also recognised pedigrees with the
state government and local councils.


All other registries such as MDBA, ABR, Australian Canine Registry, ICBS
etc. are NOT affiliated with the ANKC and CANNOT issue Certified


If you have doubts about a breeder, contact your ANKC state office to confirm
Dogs NSW 02 9834 3022
Dogs VIC 03 9788 2500
Dogs SA 08 8349 4797
Dogs QLD 07 3252 2661
Dogs West (WA) 08 9455 1188
Dogs TAS 03 6272 9443
Dogs NT 08 8984 3570

To download an information sheet on breeders and pure bred dogs head over to our downloads section.