A bit about the Boston Terrier


Boston Terriers are typically small , compactly built , well

proportioned, dogs with erect ears, short tails, and a short

muzzle. Boston Terriers generally weigh around 6-10kg,

depending on the height and build of the dog. The breed

is known for its gentle, alert, and intelligent expression.


The Boston Terrier is characteristically marked with white in

proportion to either black, brindle, seal. Seal is a color

specifically used to describe Boston Terriers and often seal

Bostons are mistaken for black & white. Seal dogs will

appear black and white in the shade, but in sun or bright

light they have a red cast in their coat. Due to the Boston

Terrier’s markings typically resembling formal wear, in

addition to its refined and pleasant personality, the breed is commonly referred to as the “American Gentleman.”       

Bred for companionship, the modern Boston Terrier can be gentle, alert , and well-mannered; however they are a spirited breed and training is essential. They’re known to be quite rambunctious, with a sense of 

humor. Both females and males generally bark only when necessary. Having been bred as a companion dog, they enjoy being around people, and if properly socialised get along well with children, other canines, and non-canine pets. Some Boston Terriers can be very cuddly, while others are more independent.


Boston Terriers do not typically realise that they are small animals and are not afraid to confront larger dogs or other animals, this is why, as breeders, we do not typically recommend off leash dog parks, your Boston may be a little too friendly for another dog, and this can potentially lead to the other dog reacting in a negative way, thus endangering your Boston.

Sleepy Boston Terrier Puppy
Sharing our Bed
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The Love of A Boston Terrier
Best spot in winter
Oh dear
Boston Terrier Boy

Colours of the Boston Terrier

Did you know that there are only 3 allowable colours for a Boston Terrier, Black and White, Seal and White and Brindle and White. 

Black & White is rarely seen in Australia, most dogs that are thought to be Black & White are actually Seal & White. Seal & White, the colour seal looks black in the shade, but will cast a red tinge in the light. Lastly Brindle & White, now brindle is technically a pattern on the coat, it is stripes with a base colour from a reddish colour to very dark brown.

Why is colour so important?
While every Boston Terrier is a wonderful companion and is in no way less valuable as a family member if it is not the correct colour, there are many valid reasons why ethical breeders do not purposely breed for these disqualified/incorrect colours. These colours are currently more prevalent in the USA, however they are starting to make their way to Australia, this is why ethical breeders wish to educate people on these colours before you decide that you wish to purchase one.

* Disqualified or “Fad”/”Rare” colours are often bred purely for profit and many times come from poorly bred dogs who have not been health tested for hereditary problems. They can sell for upwards of $8000, but why?

* Unscrupulous breeders have be known to mix other breeds in with their Bostons to obtain these “rare” colours, yet sell them as “purebred”.

* The expression of a Boston is a key characteristic. The pale eyes, noses and skin around the face detract from the beautiful expression that makes a Boston, a Boston!


* Dilute colours, such as “Blue”, “Lilac” “Champagne” etc. are predisposed to having the skin condition ALOPECIA.

* These colours were removed/disqualified from the standard over 100 years ago for good
reason, ethical breeders understand and respect those who created the breed.

Correct Boston Terrier Colour Examples


Black & White

Seal & White

Brindle & White

For more information on colour, download our colour information sheet in our download section